• Terracotta Wall hangings TWH3
  • Terracotta Wall hangingsTWH3
  • Terracotta Wall hangingsTWH3
Terracotta Wall hangings TWH3

Terracotta Wall hangings (Code TWH3)

  • Brand: WARDDROBE
  • Product Code: TWH3
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Hand Painted Terracotta Wall Hangings

To give your home wall a different look, we have introduced hand painted terracotta wall hangings.


Clay is prepared by mixing few ingredients and used for making circular tray type shape. The same is then sun dried and burnt to have more durability.


The terracotta models are made smooth to receive paint by using sand paper thoroughly. Once the surface appears smooth, the same is then cleaned by water to remove even small particles/dust.

Once the soaked models are sun dried, one coat of primer is applied. Sufficient time span is allowed to dry each coat of primer.

Designs are made by hand by artist and best quality acrylic colours are used. After sun dried of paints, acrylic gloss medium coating is applied to give the items more attractive look.

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