The Organisation

We are privileged to have this opportunity to welcome you to WARDROBE, the exclusive collection of Eco friendly handmade jewlleries.

Human beings have an inherent love of beauty and to enrich, the use of jewelleries have taken place in our daily life dates back to ancient civilization.

Jewellery in India has been an unbroken tradition over 5000 years. In early India, the use of handicraft jewellery out of natural materials like seeds, feathers, leaves, flowers etc. found in abundance all over the country.

To keep the tradition unbroken, WARDROBE has been formed in the year 2015 to manufacture and sell handmade jewelleries mainly like Terracotta, Dokra, Jute etc.

Besides jewelleries, we have introduced hand painted bags of different types and sizes made of Juco, Jute, and Canvas etc. by eminent artist and hand painted terracotta wall hangings to give an urban essence to your home.

By entering the website, you will experience the wide collection of our handicraft products with beautiful colours and designs.

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