Terms & Conditions

In order to use the Website, users have to accept the following terms and conditions. Wardrobe reserves the right to add, remove, change or alter these terms and conditions at any time.

1. Wardrobe has made every effort to display the color of the products on the website as accurately as possible. Small color variations may occur depending on the display settings on the client / mobile phone screen.

2. All kinds of Wardrobe products are purely handmade, so small irregularities and variations can be observed, and this makes artisan products exclusive and unique compared to machine products. First of all, we are busy delivering the product without any imperfections.

3. Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice at our sole discretion.

4. In case of non-delivery or delayed delivery of the package due to error of the customer in sending incorrect or incomplete delivery address or the unavailability of the recipient, additional costs for return will be paid by the customer.

5. Product images and product codes as published on the website and the catalog may only be used to order the Wardrobe. Images may not be distributed without prior confirmation from Wardrobe.

6. For terracotta jewelry, the design may remain unchanged, but tassels and accessories may be changed depending on availability of raw material. However, customers will be notified of any changes by sharing photos of ordered products.

7. For fabric jewelry, accessories and fabric, the designs may change according to market availability. However, customers will be notified of any changes by sharing photos of ordered products.

8. We make customization on request. For each custom design, a customer must order at least 10 sets of each design. Preference is given to pre-ordered items from other customers. An adjustment should therefore depend on the amount of work at that time. However, customers interested in customization are encouraged to set the delivery time.

9. Wardrobe is required to send photos of packaged goods before delivery upon request. In this case, the customer must request this in good time before the delivery date.

10. To obtain the wholesale cost, the invoice amount should not be less than 6000 INR. Customers can choose any of the Wardrobe products to achieve the billing amount. Less than the stated amount must be billed on the basis of a retail rate. Customers are informed before the invoice is created and the sales price chart accompanying each item code is provided for informational purposes.

11. The order does not need to be changed after packing or delivery.

Payment Terms & Conditions

1. After receiving the order, Wardrobe will check availability of ordered items and will inform customers about possible dispatch dates.

2. Invoice will be raised and sent to customers mentioning item codes according to order received.

3. Before dispatch, the customer will be informed of the readiness of order and will be requested to make the payment.

4. Dispatch will take place only after receiving the payment.

5. Invoice will be prepared by adding approx. delivery charges which shall be payable along with invoice amount. 

6. Dispatch consignment slips will be shared with customers after delivery. For any extra amount paid shall be refunded to customers directly to their account through online payment or by Google pay, Phonepe etc. as desired by customers. At the same time, if the amount considered in invoice and paid by customer becomes less than actual, balance amount shall be paid to Wardrobe after sending the consignment slip.

7. For bulk order, 50% of invoice amount shall be payable to Wardrobe in advance and balance amount shall be payable before delivery.

8. Customers can ask for Cash On Delivery option (if available).

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