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Warddrobe is a designer online shopping brand that makes exclusive handmade designer jewellery for women, wall hangings, designer Jute and canvas bags, hand painted jute bags etc.. Be it ethnic, contemporary, classic, modern or traditional, each design, each product reflects your emotions. The unique designs are now in reach to everyone through Warddrobe, online. Till it reaches its proud beholder, it meticulously retains the purity and beauty of the product. Share the love with our exclusive products that can be worn by yourself or can be gifted to your loved ones.

Warddrobe is focused  mainly in wholesale business, but if you want to buy in small quantity, feel free to contact us. Warddrobe will always be happy to serve you at any place.

Exclusive handmade jewellery designs to woo the world

Warddrobe’s handmade jewelry is uniquely designed and crafted, and each design carries a story and emotion of extinct Indian culture. It is for sure that you will not find a similar or the same design throughout the scroll. Every design here in Warddrobe has been exclusively created by obscure artists from the many nameless villages of our country who will truly meet and possibly exceed your expectations. With authenticity and originality, our terracotta necklaces, designer earrings and jewelry are winning hearts and will continue to do so in the near future. A new collection of amazing handmade designer jewelry online is another attraction worth checking out.

Add a sparkle to our Exclusive Wall hangings, Jute, and canvas bags

Receiving the compliments of the onlookers is the best feeling anyone could ever get. We have an extraordinary collection of exclusive wall hangings at Warddrobe which will bring uniqueness to your home. All kinds of handicraft items like Terracotta, Fabric, Jute and hand painted Terracotta wall hangings etc. which we deal, are entirely manufactured in villages. This is really surprising to see the artistic sense of those artists. Neither they are trained from any art college, nor are they well recognized in our society. But the tradition of ancient Indian culture is still in place by them only.

Besides that, Warddrobe has brought some new collections of eco-friendly jute bags. Warddrobe has introduced hand painted bags of different types and sizes made of Juco, Jute, and Canvas etc. by eminent artists to give an urban essence to your home. Jute bags are eco-friendly, they do not require maintenance. These materials are cost effective and cheaper than plastic and paper bags, durable and can carry more weight as compared to promotional carry bags. Warddrobe has made all these simple bags special by designing them with handcrafts and paintings. Some eminent artists from some less-known villages of India, who have a lot of natural talents, are bringing out beautiful designs with the touch of their brush and paints on these jute and canvas bags. Pick them from our vast range to add exclusiveness . 

Warddrobe Wholesale

Worddrobe usually does wholesale. Wholesale sales offer ample potential for the consumer market in terms of geographic location and consumer purchasing power. There are several important reasons why wholesale is so important. Our exclusive craft experiences a kind of medium and wholesale system. The effective functioning of wholesale links therefore contributes directly to the economic well-being of society.

Wholesalers act as distribution channels and communicate with markets and producers in the markets. While wholesale and retail trade perform similar functions of receiving, storing, and distributing goods, the importance of wholesalers lies in the ability to manage fluctuations in supply and demand and handle larger transactions with less emphasis on sales methods and services and product advertising. The wholesaler has the ability to adjust the distribution of surplus goods to scarce areas. Because we deal in exclusive handmade products, it is not possible to get these products alone. Let's make clothes famous all over the world.

But yes, feel free to contact us for retail purchase also. As per product quantity, Warddrobe will surely negotiate with you.

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Handmade jewelry is exclusively designed by people who really enjoy their work. The artists use their keen sense of color, art and design to get the most out of it. We believe that there is always a limit to any machine-made jewelry, as long as an artist does not follow some particular rule and the product becomes unique. All kinds of handicrafts such as terracotta, cloth, jute and hand-painted terracotta wall hangings etc., which we market, are entirely made in villages. It’s really amazing to see the artistic feel of these artists. Neither they are educated in art school, nor are they known in our society. But the tradition of ancient Indian culture still exists only through them.

Wardrobe is the trusted name of unique, trendy handmade jewelleries, made up of eco-friendly materials , which have been crafted by our artists who are always trying to bring out their best and create something stunning that you will fall in love at first look. We have made a place in your minds since 2015. Your support and enthusiasm have encouraged us to add more colours to our wings. So, we have introduced hand painted terracotta wall hangings, Jute bags, and many more to our collections.

Wardrobe mainly deals in wholesale business. But if you want to purchase less, feel free to contact us. As per product quantity, Wardrobe will surely negotiate with you.

Wardrobe has spread its wings globally. We are ready to expand our business in the following places: Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Singapore. Though we are mainly based in India, we are ready to export anywhere in the world if enquiry comes.

The time it takes for each product varies. Most items may be delivered in 2-4 weeks as a general estimate. For precise information on your promotion and its timing, call or send an email. We will go out of our way to fulfil any reasonable request.

Yes, please contact us at (Virtual) +91 8335917447 or Alternatively, use the search option in the top right corner of each page or go through the categories on the left side of each page.

Wall hangings liven up the walls by adding beauty and elegance. Handmade terracotta wall hangings, wood-carved wall hangings, and handcrafted metal wall hangings are just a few of the wall-hanging alternatives. Use wall hangings to add elegance and beauty to your walls and to enrich the décor of your house. Beautiful and appealing wall tapestries, which can be matched to any kind of décor, may be used for this. Tapestry wall hangings are a kind of art that dates back thousands of years and may be used to beautify your home.

All of our goods come with a detailed description that details all of their features and materials. Our wall hangings, for example, are constructed of terracotta, wood, or metal. Wooden wall hangings come in a variety of sizes, styles, finishes, and wood species. Wooden wall hangings are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, including square, rectangular, and sculpted patterns. Artists may leave the wood wall hanging in its natural form or varnish, stain, or paint it to add luster.

A wall hanging is just a piece of ornamental fabric (or any other material) that you may use to decorate your walls. You may use it to increase the visual appeal of your homes by hanging it on the walls.

They aren't the same. It refers to the same item. Wall hangings are sometimes known as hanging carpets. The reason for this is that some types of rugs may be utilized as wall hangings in specific instances. They may be used as rugs on the floor or as wall hangings, depending on your preference. Not all wall hangings, however, may be used as rugs.

WardrobeHandcraft sells online wall décor. WardrobeHandcraft's goal is to offer only high-quality, genuine Handcraft items. We do, however, offer woven wall hangings, woolen thread wall hangings, and other handcrafted wall hangings on our website. We exclusively offer handcrafted wall hangings. Our goods are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who strive tirelessly to preserve ancient techniques. As a result, the quality and originality of our items are always guaranteed.

Wall hangings not only provide an elegant touch to the overall design of your homes, but they also beautify them. These may be hung anywhere: on the walls of your bedroom, living room, study, or any other area. With only the addition of this wall hanging craft, you can transform your rooms from plain to something that will make you seem like an expert interior designer.

We can't offer any discount to our valued customers because we work with a high competitive margin. We have already set a quite reasonable price for all our products. And we can't increase our price and offer you discounts. So, please , don't request any kind of discount on our products as we can assure you that you are getting that at the right price.

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