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Wardrobe Handcraft is an online business in Kolkata that sells eco-friendly, artificial, and handmade jewellery.

Nowadays, you can buy everything online, from gadgets to fashion accessories, but we often observe that many of India's so-called greatest e-commerce sites lack quality goods when it comes to counterfeit and handmade jewellery and accessories. Jewellery is a popular item among people of all ages, from girls to women, and Indian ladies especially like wearing it. Wardrobe Handcraft is dedicated to providing every Indian lady with high-quality, up-to-date handmade traditional and ethnic style jewellery.

Handmade fabric jewellery

We manufacture this form of jewellery with various fabrics, beads, cotton, and silk Dori, among others; they've just become popular, and this younger generation of girls and women are purchasing them in large quantities. Necklaces and earrings are the most common types of handmade cloth jewellery.

Handcrafted jewellery (Jewelry made by hand)

Handcrafted jewellery, like the one mentioned above, is quite popular. There are pieces created by the best craftspeople and those with exceptional taste in jewellery design. Earrings, necklaces, jewellery sets, chokers and finger rings are just a few examples of handmade decorations.
Clay, bamboo, jute, cotton & silk Dori and other materials are used to create this style of jewellery. Hand-painted jewellery is also included in this category.

Ethnic terracotta jewellery

Terracotta things, as we all know, are those that are made of clay, and this is no exception.
Clay is used to creating ethnic terracotta jewellery, which includes pendants, different forms, and motifs. As a finishing touch, they are torched and hand-painted.
Following completion, the numerous parts of jewellery designs are assembled without ornamentation, resulting in a fresh and appealing ethnic design that appeals to all ladies who like these sorts of jewellery designs.
Currently, we're outsourcing our clay jewellery to craftsmen in West Bengal's rural villages. As a result, you'll receive a taste of unique designs.

Handmade fashion jewellery

This sort of handmade fashion jewellery is a direct blend of the newest fashionable jewellery designs manufactured without the use of machines, i.e. only by artists using their instruments.

We people evolve with time, and so does our taste in everything. Wardrobe Handcraft isn't far behind. Over time, we've developed a variety of handmade fashion jewellery, which you can see here.

Custom order made necklace

Okay, this doesn't fit into any category since custom handmade jewellery is built to the client's specifications, whether it's minor changes to current designs or a whole new design provided by the customer and created by artists.
Handmade jewellery has various benefits, such as the ability to supply items according to the customer's preferences, such as colour, item, tassel, and so on.
If you wish to make any modifications to a jewellery design, please email us with the product name and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests. Depending on the extent of customisation, prices may vary.

Hand-painted jewellery

There are many different forms of handmade jewellery that are finished by painting over them with just the hands and no artificial technology.
Clay pendants, jute, cotton & silk Dori, and fabric motifs are all examples of hand-painted jewellery.
We have highly competent painters to paint precisely with the most appealing colour schemes, leaving a lasting impact on passers-by.

Handmade Fashion Jewelry and earrings

We manufacture fashion jewellery based on the newest fancy designs in addition to ethnic and traditional jewellery and earrings. We offer a pair of fashionable earrings accompanied with stones, crystals, and American diamonds.
We offer wedding sets crafted with American diamonds that are stunning and one-of-a-kind. There are also finger rings, bracelets and bangles. Whatever it is you're looking for, we've got it.

Earring Jhumka & Chandbali

Jhumka and chandbali are the two most popular earring styles among Indian ladies. And guess what, we're ready for it as well. Fortunately, we now have a collection of over 100 Jhumka and Chandbali earrings.
Wardrobe Handcraft will not let you down whether you're seeking ethnic, traditional or new Jhumka & Chandbali earrings online in Kolkata.

Haldi jewellery for the bride

Set of Haldi flower jewellery for a traditional Indian wedding. Flower haldi sets for brides in yellow and red colours are presently the most popular item of jewellery in almost every Hindu wedding. Wardrobe Handcraft is following suit, having already sold a large number of them throughout India.
We're currently working on some lovely handmade flower jewellery for Haldi that every bride would like.

Traditional jewellery necklace

These are the kind of jewellery designs that are inspired by India's broad and diverse culture. Traditional jewellery is made out of patterns from local Indian tribes, communities and other places.
Making these forms of jewellery necklaces requires study and understanding of the numerous types and styles of jewellery worn by the women and girls of those local tribal communities or of the concerned location.
Our craftsmen are skilled at creating a wide range of traditional Indian jewellery necklaces that are influenced by cultures from all around rural India.

Raw material for handmade jewellery is available In Kolkata,

Wardrobe Handcraft sells raw material for jewellery creation in Kolkata, West Bengal, with plans to extend to the rest of India in the near future.
Many jewellery manufacturers are seeking a provider of imitation jewellery raw material, and we'd like to lend a hand by allowing them to purchase their raw material needs for DIY jewellery production from us.
We are now unable to stock products due to COVID-19, but as soon as the situation improves, we will begin offering them on our online jewellery shop.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing from Wardrobe Handcraft?

Why should you purchase from us, is this a legitimate question? We can't speak for others, but we're registered with MSME India and attend trade shows held by both the national and state governments throughout India on a regular basis.
This demonstrates that we are not a new firm; we've been around for a while and can deliver on our quality assurance commitments.
We want to be not just Kolkata's greatest online handmade jewellery and handicrafts business, but also India's best.

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