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Warddrobe: Crafting Fine Handmade Jewelry as Manufacturer & Wholesaler

It all started with a little bead with a hole. Yes, of course that was made of soil – terracotta. First,  came to know, somebody can make such a round shaped small bead by hand and that too with a tiny hole through which only a thin thread can pass. I started to realize the essence of soil and the necessity behind making the same.

It was till 2010 or 2011, jewelry meant for me was only of precious metals like gold, silver or alternative and obviously with perfect finishing like machine made.

One small terracotta bead changed my mind to search for handmade jewelries, especially terracotta jewelleries. The more I touched the bead, more I felt curious to know all about the story behind it. Searched Google, called friends and finally got a chance to visit Bishnupur, the temple town in the Bankura district of West Bengal. Brilliant art and story of terracotta made in 17th century surprised me. I became confident that, I was in the right way to know the story which started from the small bead. Visited roadside shops and found many of such beads that  have formed beautiful jewelleries. Blindly bought some of them and started flaunting with different outfits.

Gradually I started loving handmade jewelleries more than metal one and started searching for more designs with more color options. Besides, I started expressing my love to handicraft jewelleries and gratitude to the artisans involved, to the people around me. The best way I found to dispense the essence of handmade things was to sell the products and hence started participating in exhibition cum sale in Mumbai as I stayed there. Gradually I found people started loving the same spirit. Their  gratitude, their appreciation  forced me to do something with the products. This was the very first step behind forming Wardrobe – Exclusive collection of handmade jewelleries.       

But, all I wanted was a little more than what I already had. I wanted something more in different varieties and obviously , of  better quality. But I failed to get my desired design and quality at a reasonable price. I always believed that  the price plays a vital role as my target was never to get maximum profit by selling the products but to make people aware of  handmade  jewelleries and to make common people aware  and respect  the artisans involved in making the product and keeping the ancient and extinct Indian culture alive. 

Every time I come across different  jewelleries, either I imagined this could have been made in terracotta or could have been designed in a different way. These thoughts were always running behind my mind and helped me to start my own manufacturing unit.   

Starting from a  small terracotta bead with 5 designs only, we have reached  to more than 150 designs to make full set jewelry and more than 50 exclusive designs for only earrings, available now in Terracotta. Besides, we have started fabric jewelleries with more than 50 designs, designed by our own designer. Around 35 artisans are working in Terracotta and 7 housewives are being trained to make fabric jewelleries. In this way, we are proceeding with our artisans who never thought of their hidden competence to make a beautiful piece like jewelry and at the same time they are achieving a financially stable position. All kinds of handmade products , such as terracotta, docra, jute, fabric jewelry , hand-painted terracotta wall hanging, etc., which we make, are produced exclusively in the villages. It is very nice to see the artistic talent of these eminent artists. They have not received any professional art education and are little known in our society. Wardrobe is trying to keep the ancient Indian culture alive with the help of these obscure artists who are living a very simple and common life in many corners of our country. 

We believe in a simple sentiment that, the jewelry you are wearing as  a piece to signify yourself , we are making that piece. This simple sentiment has influenced us creating more exclusive designs for all of you in improved quality.     We believe that there is always a limit to any type of machine-made jewelry until the artist follows certain rules and the product becomes unique. 

In addition to that, Wardrobe is presenting a huge range of hand-painted bags in various shapes and sizes made up of eco-friendly materials like  Juco, Jute, Canvas, etc. which are exclusively painted by eminent artists. We have also brought hand-painted terracotta wallpapers to give your home an urban feel.

The products, when liked and purchased by you, is surely a great testimony of their work. To preserve the extinct Indian tradition, WARDROBE was created to produce and sell handicrafts, and on the other hand, became responsible for keeping a smile on the faces of many unnamed but skillful artists in many nooks and corners of our motherland. 

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Wardrobe helps you to create fashion statement of yours with exclusive handmade jewelry collection

Wardrobe is an independent family jeweler with over 10 years of experience and expertise in the world of handmade jewelry. We are passionate about providing high-quality exclusive jewelry and our expertise ensures that you get your precious jewelry.

We are specialized in manufacturing Terracotta, Jute, Fabric, and Dokra jewelry, offering personalized custom design services with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience a seamless and educational journey to create the perfect jewelry by participating in the process from start to finish. 

As India's largest online handmade jewelry store, it's an experience. Enjoy shopping in style via online with us 24/7. Our wide selection of jewelry includes exquisite collections in Handcrafted Jewelry, Jute Bags, Handmade Keyrings, and Terracotta Wall Hangings. 

The legacy of the wardrobe is the creation of handmade jewelry. Jewelry making is nothing less than art, it is a small composition in which both magnification and a sharp eye play a tirelessly discerning role. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with precision and precious raw materials.

Let’s have a journey in our workshop and explore something new.

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